This is a design that WE Alliance Insurance Solutions Inc. uses with all of our strategies. It may SOUND simple, but most insurance agent simply haven’t or just plain won’t take the time to educate themselves on how to take this approach. WE Alliance Insurance Solutions Inc. has taken the time to DIG DEEP to educate our team on the benefits of proper design as it is paramount to your success. WE has worked tirelessly towards a fiduciary approach to your life insurance needs.

Through indexing your money is linked to the market, so when the market does well you participate in your portion of the gains. However, when the market goes down your gains are locked for growth when the market has gains in the future. Downside protection is a very important concept here.

Liquidity is another high point in a maximum-funded, tax efficient life policy. This simply means that you have access to your money early on in your policy. When done properly, you access money on a tax-free basis and with the right design, can continue to have earnings on the money that you accessed even while you are using it for other needs! Just imagine being able to grow your wealth in two different places, at the same time, with the SAME MONEY!

WE Alliance Insurance Solutions Inc. has access to virtually every insurance provider available and we are constantly doing research to find the newest and best products that the insurance industry has to offer for our clients. While only a handful of company’s are able to meet the criteria that we impose for max-funding, there are still many custom design opportunities to provide to our clients.