Many people want to create financial stability for their family now as well as in the future.  Providing a better life for your loved ones doesn’t have to mean just leaving them with some money when you pass.  You truly leave a legacy when you give your children a head-start and teach them how to continue to fund their accounts.  Financial know-how is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

The WE Alliance Private Reserve Account allows you to avoid the high interest rates that come from financing debt and/or the loss of potential to get interest on your money when you pay cash.  Using the WE strategy, you will save on interest and become empowered with the ability to achieve financial success and teach your children to become their own bankers as well. But what does this mean?

A WE Private Reserve Account allows access to a pool of money that YOU control. The ability to access your money tax free, at any time, for any use, make the Private Reserve Account a pillar for success for your family. With proper funding and design the WE Private Reserve Account not only gives access to funds, but allows continued potential earnings on accessed money even while you are using it for other investing or purchase goals.

For example, if you had used a WE Private reserve account as a $25,000 car loan alternative in years 2000-2004 You could have earned over $4,000 with the $25,000 you withdrew from your Private Reserve Account to purchase the car. If that same strategy had been used in the years 2010-2014 you would have earned over $16,000 on the $25,000 that you used from your Private Reserve Account to purchase the car! On top of that YOU control the loan terms, not the lending institution. If you need to skip a payment or even a few payments it has no bearing on your credit score.

Another strategy with your Private Reserve Account could be using money in your Private Reserve Account for real estate investing. With the potential of continued earnings on money that you withdraw from your Private Reserve Account, you could withdraw money for a down payment on a rental home rather than from the bank. Unlike the loan from your local bank that cost you interest until you pay it back, the money taken from your Private Reserve Account can actually EARN interest while you are using it!

Other concepts built around the proprietary WE Private Reserve Account are:

  • Growing and protecting the equity in your home tax free
  • Saving towards your children’s/grandchildren’s college education tax free
  • Lending to individuals and have two dimensional earnings on the money you loan
  • Building a supplemental tax free retirement account
  • Providing Long Term Care needs tax free
  • Protecting against unexpected expenses due to cancer, heart disease, injury and other medical expenses tax free
  • Creating a tax free benefit to your heirs upon your death

Remember, it’s not how much money you make that counts. What counts is, how much money you keep, how many generations you keep it for and how hard your money works for you.