At WE Alliance Insurance Solutions we have a culture that demands a client first approach to insurance planning and thereby delivers a superior result for the client.  WE utilizes customized structuring that places the client’s needs first and not commissions.  We always begin with the end goal and desired results in mind.

WE Alliance Wealth Advisors Inc., which is owned by the same principals, is a fiduciary(see video below) based Registered Investment Advisory firm. That means they have an obligation to do what is best for the client and to place the client’s needs ahead of their own. This is not the standard insurance advisors are held to traditionally.

What has been passed over to the design and sales team of WE Alliance Insurance Solutions Inc., by working with fiduciaries such as at the RIA firm, is a culture that always applies a client first fiduciary type approach to structuring insurance solutions that fit the needs of our clients. This approach ensures cutting edge strategies and state of the art results. Putting the client first is simply a way of life at WE Alliance companies.

The experience that a WE Alliance Insurance Solutions, Inc. client enjoys tends to be very different than the traditional insurance industry approach. Great strides are taken so that each client fully understands HOW their particular policy works, WHY their policy is the best design for their specific needs and WHAT the expectations are in the future.

At WE Alliance Insurance Solutions, Inc. we focus on the following three guiding principles:

  1. Alignment of Interests – The traditional insurance industry has not served families the way that they deserve to be served. High commission, long surrender periods and poorly designed products have become the norm of an industry that is riddled with conflicts. Most agents don’t own the products that they sell to their clients, and often choose to sell higher commission paying products regardless of whether those products are best for the client. Your WE Alliance Insurance Solutions Inc. agent does own what he or she is selling and will approach the design of your insurance needs like they are designing their own! Your agent is NOT a fiduciary, but by learning a fiduciary type approach from our sister company, WE Alliance Wealth Advisors Inc., which is a fiduciary, you will benefit from a fiduciary type design. What is a Fiduciary?  Watch this fun video to learn the important difference between a fiduciary and the typical Wall Street broker or insurance agent…

    We believe individuals should also be guided by a fiduciary type approach and have that same level of commitment and alignment of interest as institutions demand.  WE Alliance Insurance Solutions Inc. has adopted a fiduciary approach to insurance.

    Because we are not using the traditional insurance industry product design, we can deliver a superior insurance purchasing experience and we can utilize proper tools, not just those tools that pay the most commissions to the agent.  It results in a dramatically improved client experience.

  1. Needs based approach – The job of our sales team is to spend the time that is needed to develop a product mix of insurance products that addresses the needs of our clients. Unlike the industry approach of “how much can you afford”, we believe maximized value only comes when adequate time is spent evaluating both short term and long term goals with each and every prospective client. Our licensed agents have access to virtually every insurance company along with hundreds of products. This coupled with a fiduciary type approach will create superior design and delivery of your insurance need. If you lived through the tech bust in 2001 – 2002 and the most recent 2008 stock market crash, then you realize that there is real risk in the markets.  Downside protection from stock market returns can be a reality and this can be achieved with shorter term portfolios that do not necessarily rely on expensive indexed annuities (the insurance industries’ expensive answer to risk control). It takes more work to achieve this but we believe most investors will agree that the work is worth the added piece of mind achieved through this approach to investing.
  1. Control Costs – All costs, including our commission, have meaningful impact on your policy’s long term success.  Therefore, any costs that do not deliver more value than they cost, should be eliminated if at all possible.  Most insurance policies are not built to meet this criteria. They are designed to maximize commissions, are too expensive and therefore cannot possibly have the most favorable result in later years. We are transparent as to what our commissions are, as well as any costs associated with any insurance policies that we design. We don’t shy away from what we earn in commissions, as we are confident that for premium dollars spent, ours commissions are of the lowest in the industry.

Contact us today to get a complimentary insurance review and/or needs analysis to see how working with a client first firm can better help you to address your family’s insurance needs.